Apricot Coast

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Apricot Coast

Haxa Kráhonata (Anakfan), Nuarsotor (Fáknir)
Regional CentreCatáno

The Apricot Coast (Anakfan: Haxa Kráhonata, Fáknir: Nuarsotor) is a region of the Fáknir Republic and Yakormonyo; it is a strip of land roughly 300 km long, lying between the Isthmus of Katar to the east and the Asuran Ocean to the west. It is notable for its large fruit orchards.

The largest cities in the region are Catáno (220,760) and Fákwerim (139,248). Outside these urban areas there are many smaller settlements. The total population of the Apricot Coast is estimated to be around 1.8 million.



The region which is now the Apricot Coast was settled by Monyo nomads around 800 AD.

In 1945, the border between the then-Fals Empire and Monyo was officially delineated by delegates from both parties. The towns of Nuarsun, Ahwaner, Niterw, Tehrwlew, Kraina and Esehlais which had a majority Kav population were given to Monyo, while the Makatar area with mainly Fals inhabitants became part of the Vargas colony.

Following the breakout of the Fáknirland Civil War in 2017, several groups of Fáknir refugees in neighbouring Akralst and Vargas moved to Anakfa and Fokatakis to escape the growing conflict.


The economy of the region relies mostly on fishing and fruit industries. As its name implies the region is one of the largest producers of apricots in Boroso, along with other fruits like apples and peaches.