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Az, Impérataer
Archaeon of Umbra
Arḳæjon tao Úmbrij
Emperor of Nordjaelm
In office
Succeeded byArmaðr tao Úmbrij
Personal details
Born(1000-09-09)September 9, 1000
Kjonnia, Nordjaelm
DiedApril 21, 1073(1073-04-21) (aged 72)
Choesaodzyi, Dachashk
Resting placeImperial Mausoleam of Kjonnia
ParentsKrah tao Úmbrij, Vénaja tao Úmbrij
ReligionDúmari paganism, Avrë Kthë
Military service
Nickname(s)Kjażgjorġ, Ḳroṡċaeriþ
Battles/warsWar of Legimari unification, Conquest of Legjokkonn, Conquest of Þaljakonn, Battle of Mirïn, Battle of Asāja, Siege of Kérann, Siege of Hazalĝær, Assault on Choesaodzyi

Archaeon of Umbra (Legim: Arḳæjon "Ḳroṡċaeriþ" Krahütejð tol Kjonnjij Vazar tao Úmbrij [ar̥xæjon̥ xr̥oʃt͡ʃəɪrɪθ krahytejð tol̥ c͡çonnji vazar̥ təʊ umbri]) was a Legimari chieftain, later becoming the first Emperor (Legim: Impérataer [ɪm̥pɛratəɪr̥]) of [Nordjaelm] after uniting all the Legimari clans and conquering Legjokkon and Þaljakonn to create a singular Dúmari state. He also established the 32 tenets of the True Path (Legim: Avrë Kthë [avrə kthə]) as a codification of [[Dúmari paganism}}. His rise to power and rule brought immense changes to the structure of Alpic society, which had unto then been almost entirely tribal in nature. He set up systems of government for Nordjaelm that are still in practice and influential to this day under the rule of Zénoffen tao Tásyk, the 28th Emperor of Nordjaelm.

He also set up a strong military traditions that would be the core of Nordjaelmish society for the next thousand years, establishing the Nine Legions of Nordjaelm, the largest standing army on all of Alpa at the time, which would remain the core of the Nordjaelmish armed forces. He personally led the I Legion of Nordjaelm in battle, such as at the Battle of Mirïn, which decisively established Archaeon's and Nordjaelm's absolute control over all the Legimari clans. Furthermore, he established the Imperial Navy of Nordjaelm, centred in Kjonnia, which easily allowed naval raiding up and down the coasts of Alpa and Atsiq.

Archaeon is greatly revered in Nordjaelm as the founder of the Empire, with a national holiday being celebrated on the 9th of September, his birthday.

Early life

Archaeon was born to his father Krah tao Úmbrij, the then High Chieftan of Clan Úmbra, belonging to the ruling House Vazar and mother Vénaja tao Úmbrij, who belonged to the House Vréjheṡ on the 9th of September, 1000, in the town of Kjonnia. He was the firstborn of his father, and he had two younger sisters, Ænżeja and Usilla. He was educated, as by Dúmari custom, by the Elders of his tribe, learning from them the history of his people, their myths and legends and how to read and write the runes. In later childhood he was taught how to sing, dance and play the tríur by his mother. In early adolescence, he was taught how to ride, and to use a sword and lance by his father.

Rise to Power

Archaeon took over as head of House Vazar and chieftan of Clan Úmbra upon his father's death in 1019 at only 19 years old. He was proved to be an excellent warrior and commander when Úmbra lands were invaded by the forces of Kévr tao Mynrij from the south, succesfully defending Kjonnia and pushing his forces back into Mynr lands.

Personal life

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