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A moment can change your life forever.
Äzäng: Šä þäkmätëg ävíl kítø lítšä yähä kyärl.
Directed byZleolík Yahyg
Produced byHägäm ösTÿndä
Written byHägäm ösTÿndä
StarringEroy Kältërnÿg
Kíví Bëlbrë
Vonät Ëløin
Music byUläveda Čënÿg
Release dates
Running time
104 minutes
CountryYaxarhayut, Upper Yahara

Hope (Yaharan: Äzäng IPA: /ˈɑzɑŋg/) is a 2005 Yaxarhayutian romance-drama film directed by Zleolík Yahyg, produced by Hägäm ösTÿnda, and with award-winning score by Uläveda Čënÿg. The film is a production of Meyäayísnÿg ös Šædyohv ösTÿndä, the premier Yaxarhayutian movie company. This movie is the bestselling film in Yaxarhayutian history, as well of one of the best reviewed in Lower Boroso. It is particularly famous for its "Airport Scene", noted for its "gorgeous cinematography" and "fantastic dialogue". A frame from the "Airport Scene", edited, is that which appears on the posters advertising the film, as well as the cover of the movie when it was released on DVD.

The plot of the film revolves around the story of two Šarkunens, Nëyätvünt Íroyërnÿl and Vällend Ëyämlíndírnë who are vacationing in the fictional island nation of Fäläk when a civil war between the ruling party of Fals, lead by President Däräk Fäkír and the oppressed human populace breaks out, apparently trapping the two on Fäläk, scrambling to reach the airport, where the last few planes are leaving for Šarkunen. The two, having never met before and after a series of events, encounter each other in the airport, exhausted and without hope (the famous "Airport scene"). Over the course of their discussion with each other, the two fall in love, and together board the last plane for Valeneni, hoping to catch a connecting flight there to Šarkunen. The film never addresses their future, or indeed whether they make it off the landing strip, as an explosion from the incoming artillery shells fired by the rebels obscures the plane as it takes off, leaving the viewer to decide what occurs to the two characters.

Äzäng was the bestselling film of 2005, as well as the bestselling film in Yaxarhayutian history. It resulted in some of the largest initial returns of Lower Borosan history, and produced exceptionally good reviews. As of 2012, a survey taken across Lower Boroso found that Äzäng was the most highly regarded film amongst those thirty and younger, and was regarded as a Yaharan-language classic. The film, while having been subtitled in dozens of languages, has never been dubbed. This has been prevented by MŠÖT, which has noted that, "it is an official policy of this company that all media produced by it remain in its original language, that is to say, Yaharan".


Nëyätyünt Íroyërnÿl, a 22 year old Šarkunen apprentice electrician is on vacation on the island-nation of Fäläk. He has spent most of his vacation drinking and "enjoying the local company". His vacation is soon disrupted by the radio announcing the beginning of an island-wide revolt against the Fals government, led by President Däkär Fäkír. In a panic, Nëyätyünt attempts to secure passage to the airport, to catch a flight back to Šarkunen, only to discover that the vehicles owned by the resort workers have been requisitioned by the rebels, leaving him without transportation. Frightened, Nëyätyünt decides to begin walking to the airport, given his assumption that 124km is not an exceptionally large distance. Not long after he begins his journey, he is captured whilst attempting to cross the frontlines of the civil war by the Fals, and is taken to the capital of Kläþu to be interrogated by the police there.

On the opposite end of the island, Vällend Ëyämlíndírnë, a 24 year old Šarkunen naturalist, investigating the claims of the discovery a new species of bird, is caught by surprise in the forests of Fäläk by a battle between government and rebel forces. She is arrested by government forces, who lead her to their base camp, where she produces her permits to be on the island, and is subsequently released on the rebel side of the lines, as the Fals captain determines that "she would be safest with her own kind". She comes to the conclusion that her best hope is to flee the island with the findings she has acquired, and thus makes her way back towards Fals lines, where she is captured again, and sent to Kläþu to be questioned under suspicion of being a spy. When she arrives in Kläþu, she discovers the city is under siege by rebel forces, and she is released almost immediately, as the police have been recruited to defend the city, leaving noöne to question her. As she finds her way through the city, she encounters the President of Fäläk, Däräk Fäkír, who, having recognised her as a Šarkunen, invites her to speak with him about the civil war in order to convince her of the righteousness of the Fals cause.

Nëyätyünt, upon arrival in Kläþu, is questioned by the police, who wish to know his purpose crossing the lines. The police captain, while unimpressed with his reasoning, is forced to release him upon hearing that the rebels are about to seize the square which the police station fronts. He makes his way to the airport, where he and a confused Vällend both discover the last flight to Šarkunen has left. Both, separately, collapse by the wall, only to notice each other for the first time. The two then proceed to discuss their lives, as well as their current situation, coming to the conclusion that the fighting is petty and pointless. Together, they decide to take the last flight leaving the airport, which lands in Valeneni. They pool their remaining money to pay the exorbitant rate offered for the last two tickets on the plane, and hurriedly board. As their plane taxis down the runway, the shot reveals the rebels and government fighting across the runway, and as the plane lifts off, an artillery shell explodes near its tail, obscuring the screen and triggering a larger explosion (this is only heard, not seen). The music stops, and the credits play in silence, with only the distant sound of the rebel and government guns going off in the background.