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Batles' city square as seen during the late Summer
Batles' city square as seen during the late Summer
Foundedc. 1548 or 1567
 • Council RepresentativeNánkcag Melne
1,892 m (6,207 ft)
 • Total139,184

Bátles is a major city within the country of Hodek. It is noted for its reservoir dam which provides power to much of Hodek's Southern and Eastern regions. The city historically was the seat of power for the surviving remnants of the Green Khanate during the late 16th through 18th Centuries, before the city was conquered by early members of the Hodeki Confederation, prior to the formalization of the modern state of Hodek in the early 19th Century.


Most of the city's economy is focused upon the service and information technology industries, hosting several of the country's media providers. As a result Bátles boasts a slightly higher than average standard of living within the country, and is a common location for foreign embassies. The city's economy originally was based on subsistence such as reindeer herding, however, with efforts to modernize the country, Hodek's government subsidized the creation of the Bátles Enkyíly which housed many workshops dedicated to consumer and housing products during the 60s. The most popular of these companies were Tambuk Síkmik and Dékne Akmuk, which originally started within the city during the reconstruction.


The city is known for being a popular entry point between Koize and Hodek as most trade to and from Achiyitqana enters the city on its way through the rest of the country. As such, many local industries cater to travelers, most notably the historical Bátles Bath Springs which are naturally heated. These springs attract many who travel through the area, and are recorded to have even catered to several historical figures in Hodeki history, granting them attraction nationally.


Bátles' culture is distinct from the rest of the country, boasting a sizable mixed Hodek-Mahavi population alongside other migrant communities.