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Greater Calutia
Religion Hetuumism
Currency Calutian Weikk

Greater Calutia (Calutian: no idea yet), sometimes known as Hedrettia, was a Hedretic (primarily Calutian) Empire established in the 15th century, having originally been a khanate. The khanate in question being known by historians as the Mountain Khanate.


Greater Calutia had originally been know as the Mountain Khanate, for which it was known as from the Sunrise Horde in 1357 to its eventual civil war in 1463. The Mountain Khanate's

Rise of the Empire

After a civil war in 1463, the Gattan dynasty took power in Calutia. This family would rule for 388 years, until the last ruler, (name pending), died without an heir, which would lead to a rich noble taking power, that noble being 1 Shan Daikeda, the forefather to modern Calutia.

Fall of the Empire

Starting 1649, Greater Calutia starts losing ground. (i'll add more to this i swear)