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Claen skyline.jpg
Iasg o Siél
Claën's location within Edievia
Claën's location within Edievia
CountyCevdas o Claën
20 m (70 ft)
Demonym(s)Claenian, claënaes
Time zoneUTCSCT +0 (CŠT)
Area code(s)1

Claën (pronunciation: /'kl̪a.en̪/ ) is a city located on the Siél Peninsula in the Republic of Edievia. Claën is the capital and second-largest city of Edievia, and predates the existence of the country.



Claën was founded as Cláginu, approximately in the year 200 CE, prior to the establishment of the Colian Empire. Cláginu (then pronounced /'kla:ginu/) was a small port settlement, and primarily exported produce from nearby farms on the Siél Peninsula towards Rystýsta (modern Restits). Cláginu developed into a larger settlement as the Colian Empire flourished, and around 500 CE was a city of 2000 inhabitants, and the main port of entry to both the peninsula and the empire.


Situated on the flat and low Siél Peninsula, Claën does not exceed more than 20m above sea level. Past city limits, there are a few low hills, however they are not located in Claën proper. The city's development over the centuries flattened most of the land, and city streets are no steeper than a few degrees.





Claën's economy is principally based on importation, tourism, and governmental operations. As a 2000 year-old city, historical tourism is prominent in Claën. Scars of the civil war are still present on many older buildings (bullet holes, missing concrete from bombardment, and a few preserved craters from bomb blasts), and many private companies offer tours of the city focusing on remnants of the war. While the civil war severely damaged the port, intense reconstruction efforts restored it back to working capacity in 1959. The Port of Claën handles about 20% of international imports for the entire nation. The port also is the port of call for two cruise liners, AorovEom and Tub Taaeves. Near the port, many water taxi and ferry services bring commuters and travels to other ports both within Edievia (such as Restits and Aovo) and in Riyana and Laefevia (Vyðéa).


Claën is the seat of Edievian government, and the location of the parliament (Sot u Túid) and other government offices. Claën, as its own province, sends six dodeman (representatives) to the Sot u Túid.


International relations

Twin Cities

Twinned with Country Year
Dukrone  Xynderland 1961
Solténna Template:Country data Laefevia 1961
Cuáma  Riyana 1962
Rydkes  Barradiwa 1989