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RegionRoquto, Central Boroso
Language family
  • unclassified
    • Haridic
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The Haridic language (Haralic: Oxarid; Hereed: Wibitikokorwio) is a proposed and hypothesised member of the Mherdic language family that was spoken on the Roquto peninsula until c. 100AD, that does not belong to any of the previously known branches of the family. It is unknown whether it would have been a monophyletic branch or if it was part of a group of languages of close relation. Haridic is unattested save for a number of undeciphered personal names in the contemporaneous writings of Boorian scholars.

The main piece of evidence in support of the Haridic language is the indeterminate etymology of many words in the Corelian Hereed language (extinct after c. 600AD), that cannot comfortably be derived from Proto-Corelian, but that are nevertheless most likely Mherdic. These words have a tendency to decline in a relatively regular manner, contrary to large parts of Hereed's (presumed) native lexicon, further hinting at the possibility that they are loans. Hereed is the only Corelian language that employs prefixes to indicate certain relations whereas other Corelian languages use postpositions for the same end, and as these prefixes cannot be linked to any cognates in the other Corelian languages, it is thought to be a feature adopted from Haridic as well.

While it is unknown whether Haridic was definitively either a substrate or superstrate language for Hereed, Boorian historical records note that the Hereeds were under Haridic reign for a substantial period of time, leading to the assumption that Haridic was largely the superstrate. The opposite had been assumed up until the 1950's stemming from the fact that the Haridic language became extinct much earlier than Hereed, but this sequence has recently been attributed to be more likely a consequence of Upper Borosan expansion into the Roquto peninsula.

Examples of some words in Hereed that are thought to be of Haridic origin are listed below, next to their counterparts in the other Corelian languages.

English Hereed Haralic Pelsic Salbür
day ngar gowž gowxš goxuž
to speak paxal pug bog box
gold bab wog buj bugi
finger böša ro ru ru
dead wikilati gewt gurd guwad
old widuwin ped pej paj
seven parah worg bru bru
four naxöt nug no no

For comparison, a set of commonly accepted cognates between Hereed and the other Corelian languages.

English PCorelian Hereed Haralic Pelsic Salbür
sun gogor kokor kogr guru gur
feather gibag kiwong kiwg gib gibe
daughter no:d nud nut non nod
fish o:b uwap wap ob ob
mountain go:jnor kožmur kuwro gunur gujnur
stone gigago: gigongo kikáku gigew gigax
thing ndoge ndoki -ñage* ñaj ñoja

* Only retains use as an object nominaliser affix.

In the example below are first the declensions of three nouns presumably loaned from Haridic, and then three native nouns.

day ngar ngargu womangar womangargu
king awañi awañigu womawañi womawañigu
tree mit mitgu womamit womamitgu
fish uwap wabugu wumawap wumawabugu
daughter nud nogu wumunud wumonogu
tooth möto mödugu wamöto wamödugu

Some examples of the prefixing nature of Hereed in comparison to other Corelian languages are given below.

English Hereed Haralic Pelsic Salbür
with ro- ži ži ži
in, into jö- otik ojh ojdx
behind biti- okato ongzo ogzo
before hiti- ow* ojb ojb
for or- xir hir hir
again wör- wg beng bag

* Now defunct, only remains in use in compounds.


An endonym for the Haridic language or its speakers has not been uncovered. The commonly used name "Haridic" is derived from Haralic Xarid, which it likely loaned from early Hereed. The Haralic name was transferred into Boorian as Ghoarid which found its way into Thaaft as Foreey, and Fáknir as Huris.

In Hereed, the Haridic language is called Wibitikokorwio, translating to "Northerners' language".