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Rurec Rucraedet
IATA ICAO Callsign
Founded5 July 1966
(As Staols Mirel)
Commenced operations8 October 1966
Secondary hubs
Frequent-flyer programUir Suplur
Airport loungeStaemarcaes nev Ruiat
AllianceMeliku Alliance
Fleet size112
Company sloganRadiv dub
"We'll bring you there"
HeadquartersClaën, Edievia

Rurec Airlines, (Edievian: Rurec Rucraedet, simply known as Rurec) is the national airline of the Republic of Edievia, founded in 1966. Originally founded as a private company, the Edievian government backed it as the flag carrying airline of the republic in 1974. Rurec is the most popular airline in the country, but other private companies run domestic flights. The Edievian government has all prices of domestic flights pegged to Rurec's. Rurec is the only Edievian airline to fly internationally from Edievia; several other airlines have international flights coming into the nation.

While Claën International Airport is the hub of the airline, international air traffic is split almost equally between Claën International, Restits International, and Voer International. Dukrone International Airport also serves as a secondary hub, shared with Laefark Airlines.

Routes list

Rurec flight numbers follow the a specific numbering format:


A is the Edievian airport that is handling the flight. International airports are even numbers:

City Flight number code
Claën 2
Restits 4
Taiedelt 6
Voer 8
Aovo 0
Banen 1
Darob 5
Colto 3
Traiastat 9
Elevag 7

BC is the country that the flight is connecting to. Domestic flights are marked with 00. Codes 90 through 99 are reserved for additional country extensions, in case a destination country has more than five destination airports:

Country Flight number code
 Edievia 00
Template:Country data Lesidea 01
File:Nithalosia flag.png Nithalosia 02
Template:Country data Laefevia 03, 93
 Xynderland 04
Template:Country data Haraku 05
Template:Country data Ammia 07
Template:Country data Mettat 08
Amerhan 09
 Rugia 10
 Yerlan 11
 Helsonia 12
File:Fdrk.png FDR Kal 13
 Bosato 14
Kangthangland 15
Template:Country data Brilliania 16
Coltag 17
 Achiyitqana 20
Uvanga 21
Eliposi 22
Sucaelia 23
Caelys 24
Faźulavaz 25
 Yoan Aruhu 30
 Ythnandosia 31
Template:Country data Caesillania 32
 Vadosia 33
 Rosland 34
 Veridia 35
 Barradiwa 36
 Azerin 37
 Fals Empire 40
Dhwer and Penkrot 41
Mbamigi 42
 Astalva 44
 Yaxarhayut 45
Tnaaq 46
Lhavres 47
 Sanmra 50
A'i 51
Jaxukuk 52

D refers to the destination city outside of Edievia. It also refers to the flight either entering or departing Edievia. Odd-numbered flights depart Edievia; even-numbered flights enter Edievia. The even and odd pairs are:

  • 1 - 2
  • 3 - 4
  • 5 - 6
  • 7 - 8
  • 9 - 0

Destination code pair 1-2 is usually reserved for the destination country's capital. Some cities (especially those in Šarkunen) have dedicated final numbers in combination with their country codes. These are:

Airport Country Departing flight code Arrival flight code
Nithash File:Nithalosia flag.png Nithalosia 021 022
Solténna Template:Country data Laefevia 031 032
Okállea Template:Country data Laefevia 033 034
Dukrone  Xynderland 041 042

For example, flight number EV4201 would depart (final 1) from Restits (first 4), departing to Achiyitqana (middle 20). Flight number EV2021 departs (final 1) from Claën (first 2) to Nithash, Nithalosia (final 021).

Domestic routes

Domestic flight numbers are formatted slightly differently. They follow the EVABCD format, however A is the outbound airport's flight number code, and D is the inbound flight number code. The following international and domestic Edievian airports are serviced by Rurec:

Route Number Origin Destination Return Flight
EV1008 Banen Voer EV8001
EV8003 Voer Colto EV3008
EV4003 Restits Colto EV3004
EV2005 Claën Darob EV5002
EV2006 Claën Taiadelt EV6002
EV2008 Claën Voer EV8002
EV9008 Traiastat Voer EV8009
EV0008 Aovo Voer EV8000
EV4008 Restits Voer EV8004
EV2007 Claën Elevag EV7002

International routes

The following international airports are serviced by Rurec:

Within Šarkunen

Route number Origin Destination city Country Return flight
EV2031 Claën Solténna Template:Country data Laefevia EV2032
EV4031 Restits Solténna Template:Country data Laefevia EV4032
EV2033 Claën Okállea Template:Country data Laefevia EV2034
EV4033 Restits Okállea Template:Country data Laefevia EV4034
EV6031 Taiedelt Solténna Template:Country data Laefevia EV6032
EV8031 Voer Solténna Template:Country data Laefevia EV8032
EV2035 Claën Stênhēm Template:Country data Laefevia EV2036
EV4035 Restits Stênhēm Template:Country data Laefevia EV4036
EV8035 Voer Stênhēm Template:Country data Laefevia EV8036
EV4037 Restits Čênnē Template:Country data Laefevia EV4038
Route number Origin Destination city Country Return flight
EV2021 Claën Nithash File:Nithalosia flag.png Nithalosia EV2022
EV4021 Restits Nithash File:Nithalosia flag.png Nithalosia EV4022
EV4023 Restits Yamvoth File:Nithalosia flag.png Nithalosia EV4024
EV8021 Voer Nithash File:Nithalosia flag.png Nithalosia EV8022
Route number Origin Destination city Country Return flight
EV2041 Claën Dukrone  Xynderland EV2042
EV4041 Restits Dukrone  Xynderland EV4042
EV8041 Voer Dukrone  Xynderland EV8042

Outside Šarkunen

Route number Origin Destination city Country Return flight
EV2071 Claën Bosato  Bosato EV2072
EV4071 Restits Bosato  Bosato EV4072
EV8071 Voer Bosato  Bosato EV8072
Route number Origin Destination city Country Return flight
EV2321 Claën Cronia Template:Country data Caesillania EV2322
EV4321 Restits Cronia Template:Country data Caesillania EV4322
Fals Empire
Route number Origin Destination city Country Return flight
EV2401 Claën Ikolinis  Fals Empire EV2402
Route number Origin Destination city Country Return flight
EV2101 Claën Sashburg  Rugia EV2102
EV8101 Voer Sashburg  Rugia EV8102
Route number Origin Destination city Country Return flight
EV2351 Claën Panemi  Veridia EV2352
EV2353 Claën Frese  Veridia EV2354
EV4351 Restits Panemi  Veridia EV4352
EV8351 Voer Panemi  Veridia EV8352
Yoan Aruhu
Route number Origin Destination city Country Return flight
EV2301 Claën Ssonessuat  Yoan Aruhu EV2302
EV4301 Restits Ssonessuat  Yoan Aruhu EV4302
EV8301 Voer Ssonessuat  Yoan Aruhu EV8302
Route number Origin Destination city Country Return flight
EV2311 Claën Iru  Ythnandosia EV2312
EV2313 Claën Nivusann  Ythnandosia EV2314
EV4311 Restits Iru  Ythnandosia EV4312
EV4313 Restits Nivusann  Ythnandosia EV4314
EV8313 Voer Nivusann  Ythnandosia EV8314
EV28315 Claën Kaipaṣe  Ythnandosia EV2316