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Capital city
Tekely's city square as seen during the Autumn season
Tekely's city square as seen during the Autumn season
Foundedc. 1327
 • Council RepresentativeHalcag Lággy
892 m (2,927 ft)
 • Total292,919

Tékely, (Hodeki: Tékely, pronounced [teːqeʎⁱ]) formally known as Tékely sőd Balkanlu, is the largest city and capital of Hodek. It is one of the largest cities located in continuous permafrost. It is located within the upper Cakar river valley and is a major port along the Cakar river, handling goods along much of the region. The city is sometimes unoffically nicknamed the "Copper City" (Síkly Síggy) for the amount of copper ore that is processed and then transported to Koize along the Cakar River.


The Degic peoples, also known as the Delgraz, migrated to the area around the 9th and 10th centuries from other parts of the river valley. The first permanent settlement was established as an outpost by members of the Sunrise Horde during their Westward expansion. The outpost saw significant trade and conflict for much of its early history. Upon the independence of Hodek, Tékely became an important center of trade and expansion to the North along the Cakar river.


With an extremely continental subarctic climate, Tékely sees some of the most extreme cold temperatures on Sahar for a major city. Average monthly temperatures see highs of the 20s C in July and -30s C in January. Because of its inland location and the proximity of the Miralayas, much of Hodek does not see temperature regulation from a maritime climate resulting in extreme winters and mild summers.


Tékely is noted for its largest role in processing various metals. The city itself houses some 112 industrial enterprises, which produce almost half of Hodek's entire industrial output. Leading industries include aerospace manufacturer Badazgu Medvigy, metal foundry Tambuk Síkmik, food company Dékne Akmuk, clothing manufacturer Munngy Tódmuk, and Télsedy Zespyrdmik. Before its relocation to Ísbezky, Pearl's regional headquarters in Hodek was located within Tékely's downtown area.

The headquarters of several foreign companies are also located within Tékely:


Tékely's the host to several sports clubs, most notably several racing clubs involving the use of snowmobiles on frozen tracks. Most sports take place during the winter hosting several international tournaments a year. The most notable summer sports involve several folk games which typically involve various types of wrestling and weight carrying competitions.


The city is host to most of the country's radio and television stations. The most notable of Hodek's channel 5 is a show dedicated to showcasing local independent artists, a program funded by Hodek's government as a means to improve tourism throughout the country. As a result, much of Tékely's music scene is described as being "a varied bunch of genres catering to any taste". In addition to showcasing these musical artists, many dancers and other entertainers are able to partake upon Channel 5's entertainment hour.


Tékely is host to several places of higher education:

In addition to several universities, there are 28 vocational schools in Tékely. Seven of the eight universities are located within a district dedicated to healthcare and education known as the Áfscistőss, or Study-District. The Cakarmuk Transportation University is the only university not located within the Áfscistőss, as it is located upon the waterfront within the industrial district.

There are four museums located in Tekely as well.