Archphitra of Midian

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Archphitra of Midian
Phirashtra i-Midian
Basic information
Year consecratedJuly 21, 1672
Architectural description
Architect(s)Hanater Wilis
Architectural typeArchphitra
Architectural styleForian
Direction of façadeeast
Capacityroughly 12,000

The Archphitra of Midian (Lithian: Phirashtra i-Midian) is a Forian sermet located in Kitlimis, serving as the current seat of Midgant. Completed on 1672 to replace the outdated and overcrowded Archphitra of Kefia and as a Forian show of might, the Archphitra of Midian is the largest sermet in Sahar.


Old sermet

Before it was expanded to become an Archphitra, the sermet built in 1220 is a sermet called the Sermet of Kiwas, taking its name from its builder the Kiwas family – whose most of the members are merchants with interest in Avite missionary activities. It has the size of a Forian middle-class house and an estimated capacity of 60 people.

Early plans

Plans to construct a new Archphitra in place of the Archphitra of Kefia was devised as early as 1458. Leading the plan is King of Forian Kingdom at the time Ther III, who stated that the old Archphitra has suffered extensive structural damage from the 1432 flood that struck the Lithe River basin. Archphitra of Kefia is constructed in the 10th century and is located inland by the Lithe River, considered as the holiest river according to Lenthiri tradition—who comprise the majority of the Kingdom's populace—as it originates from the also-considered holy Mount Lenthir. Construction of Archphitra of Kefia did not take the prolonged impact of the river's seasonal floods on the building into the account, rendering its foundation highly vulnerable to collapse through time.

Most Forian nobilities proposed the Archphitra to be refurbished through reinforcement of the structure. They favored this option to avoid another relocation of the Archphitra and along with it the Midgant's principal seat, which was frequently the case with Archphitra before Kefia. However, Ther III favored to designate a site for the new Archphitra and construct it from scratch, from which it will be a Forian display of economic and religious power. Forian elites resented this decision on the grounds of overspending.

The King commissioned a group of architects led by Golan Bremi to locate a site and devise construction plans for the new Archphitra in 1470. A year later proposals are sent to Ther III, in which the group has chosen three possible sites for the project, all of which are in Kitlimis. Among one of these sites is the Sermet of Kiwas.

Decline of the Forian Kingdom's single largest trade partner, the Terminian Empire in 1558, prompted the kingdom to reform its financial structure. It includes reassigning funds especially from urban building funds to focus on asserting Forian regional dominance on naval trade, such as through construction of additional merchant ships and critical trade infrastructure. Construction funds for the new Archphitra was affected and eventually the project was shelved by lack of funding and support from the elites.



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