Aseshan Empire

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Great Aseshan Empire


Temp flag

Capital Namapiya
Languages Aseshan Languages Neviran languages, Lahiri languages, Ystelic languages, Sanu-Jutean languages
Religion traditional faiths??
Government Absolute monarchy
 •  1712-1764 Akan Hasu
 •  Invasion of Southern Islands?? 9 June 1788
 •  Dissolved ? 1959

The Aseshan Empire was a great power in Puzimm that exercised territorial control over much of the South Puzimm and East Puzimm from the 18th to the mid-20th century. The expansion of the empire, at its peak, allowed the ethnically Aseshan People populations to expand throughout the occupied territory, bringing with them language, laws, culture, traditions and customs, influencing the native cultures of the occupied regions.

It began as one of many states in the Southeast, the kingdom Moxote, during what they called Greater Dark Age. The army, with at the head of Akan Hasu, he began to conquer the adjacent states, occupying more and more territory north to the borders with the Balak Empire. However, the empire was only founded on 9 June 1788, when it conquered the Southern Islands part of the Saruan Empire. The empire tends to be successful in the north, with the total invasion of the territories of the modern Ogtop, at the time congregation of tribes and the invasion, in 1789, of the XXX islands of the south, to satisfy the irredietnist demands. However, start to decline with the division of Ogtop, with the support of the Balak empire, in 1959.

During expansionism, the empire underwent a period of industrialization and militarization, being the fastest modernization of any country to date, the quality of life increased. All these aspects contributed to the emergence of Aseshan as a great power and the creation of an empire nearly 200 years long, after the Neviran-Aseshan War and Great Ekuosian War.