Asuranesian languages

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Ethnicity:Asuranesian peoples
Nagu, Asuranesia and parts of Northwest Boroso
Linguistic classification:One of Sahar's primary language families
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The Asuranesian languages are a language family of more than a thousand related languages and dialects that are widely dispersed throughout Nagu, parts of Boroso and the islands of the Asura Ocean, with some members extending as far as Lahan and Ystel. Asuranesian languages are spoken by about <number> million people, making it the xth largest language family by number of speakers, behind the Letsic languages and the Vaniuan languages. The family contains more than 1,000 known languages, making it one of the biggest language families on Sahar.

The Asuranesian family includes almost all of the languages spoken in Asuranesia and a large percentage of those spoken in Nagu, particularly in the west. Due to a long history of interaction with the other families of Nagu, words from languages spoken as far away as Pelanesia have cognates in Nagu, primarily in the Hisirudic and Akarunic families. The Asuranesian family is also represented in Boroso in the North-West and on the <<unnamed>> islands west of Ngutan.

Most Asuranesian languages lack a long history of written attestation, with the oldest attested Asuranesian language being Old Cananganamese, although writing had spread at least as far as Litene by the mid-14th Century.

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