Athanetan III

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Athanetan III.
Portrait of the emperor in exile, 1912
Native nameĀthanetān Arhachessȯn Saniżon
Born(1808-03-14)March 14, 1808
DiedDecember 23, 1937(1937-12-23) (aged 129)

Athanetan III (Imperial Osveraali: Āthanetān Arhachēssȯn Saniżon ['ɑ:θɐnɛtɑ:n ɐʀɐ'xe:s:ɞn 'sɐnɪʒɔn], 14 March 1808 - 23 December 1937) was the twentieth and last Osveraali Emperor and King of Usuva, reigning from 1841 until the dissolution of the Empire in 1866.