Athsudan Army

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Athsudan Army
Ózšúkatfak Zvuŋaf
Ōzšūkatfak Zvuňaf
Country Athsud
SizeX active duty

The Ground Forces of the Athsudan Federation or Athsudan Army is the land warfare branch of the Athsudan Armed Forces. It is the 2nd largest army in Milevia.


Before the Sunrise Horde

Invasion of the Sunrise Horde and restructuring

The invasion of the Sunrise Horde was a shock to Athsudan nobles and their traditionally unorganized armies. The Athsudans were defeated in battle after battle in the West of the Athsudan peninsula. The nobles were only able to stop the Sunrise invasion after the battle of X when the Athsudans used the superior terrain and tactics to push back and destroy the invading forces. With this blow to the prestige of the Athsudan nobles, it was decided that the army had to be reformed. They created an organized and hierarchical system, in which a regiments were divided into one thousand men, and the chain of command was to work up and down through ten. X

18th Century

During the Athsudan Unification, King Mozog Ditjaral made extensive use of new Urngafomnanal, using them as body mass during front line operations, and using them as manual labor behind the front lines. The use of Urngafomnanal as guardians of supply lines was crucial to X's success in eventually unifying all of Athsud.



Ranks and Insignia