Athsudan Lahan

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Athsudan Crown Province of Lahan
Life span?
Capital X
Government Crown Province of Athsud
 •  Established X
 •  Disestablished X Enter end year
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Athsudan Lahan (Athsudan: X X), was a former colony of Athsud in Lahan. Purchased from the then struggling Saruan Empire, Athsudan Lahan was one of many failed attempts at establishing Athsud as a global empire.


Establishment and governance

Athsudan Lahan was established in 18XX following its purchase from the Saruan Empire. The colony was to produce rubber and various other goods for Athsudan profit, and to improve the standing of Athsud on the world stage. However various problems began to immediately plague the colony that limited its profitability. For one, Athsudan Lahan was a considerable distance from Athsud, meaning trips to and from the colony were often long and expensive, and little to none of the Athsudan nobility wanted to volunteer to help govern the region. As a result, Athsudan Lahan remained under de-facto permanent military occupation, and the underpaid soldiers stationed in Lahan did not know how to extract resources, nor could they find any locals willing to do the task without being paid. What little rubber was extracted by locals was usually done at gunpoint, and it wasn’t nearly enough to cover the costs of the military personnel maintaining the colony.


Following the numerous wars that Athsud had involved itself in, the national economy began to swiftly crash as the royal government neared bankruptcy. The people of Athsud began to lament the amount of time the monarchy spent on pointless wars of expansion, and on maintaining unprofitable, small, and unsettled colonies. The colony that came under the most scrutiny was Athsudan Lahan, as its ineffectual and often brutal military governance did little to justify its own existence, seen by the public as little more than a lazy border force meant to maintain a line on a map. Following both public pressure and complaints from the nobility, Athsudan Lahan was eventually sold to the Balak Empire in 18XX as an attempt to make back some of the losses incurred by the colony’s existence.