Atqar Qarwy Qaldaý

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Atqar Qarwy Qaldaý
Atqar Qarwy Qaldaý
TitleFirst Pontiff of the Qaldic Church
Atkaryv Beriski-Teridiviz Kaldaý

Cause of deathStomach Cancer
Resting placeThe Museum of Qaldaý, Arbursatu
Home townArbursatu
SpouseLar Baxtawy Qarwy Qaldaý
  • Qapsu Qarwy Qaldaý(Kyrajyv Atqaryz Qarwy Qaldaý)
  • Öýliýiv Atqaryz Qarwy Qaldaý
  • Jesykiýiv Atqaryz Qarwy Qaldaý
  • Jaltuzuv Atqaryz Qarwy Qaldaý
  • Söýgiýiv Atqaraśa Qarwy Qaldaý
  • Teridiviv Barśaǵyz Kaldaý (father)
  • Beriskiýiv Karataśa Kaldaý (mother)
Notable work(s)Book of Qaldaý
ChurchQaldic Church
Senior posting
SuccessorQapsu Qarwy Qaldaý

Atqar Qarwy Qaldaý (Qazan:Atqar Qarwy Qaldaý /ätˈqar qärˈwə qalˈd̪aɪ̯/), born as Atkaryv Beriski-Teridiviz Kaldaý is the founder of Qaldaism and an essential prophet in the religion. Before becoming a prophet Qaldaý was a Jetist/Devotionist monk, scribe, scholar and philosopher. Qaldaý is the first person to write religious text in Qazan, and printed the Devotionist Holy Book in both Qazan and Old South Bavkiri.

Early Life

Qaldaý was born on January 28, 1245 in Salakyv(Qazan:salaqyw "Salaqyw") near Arsatyń. Qaldaý was born into a Devotionist family, and spent the first 14 years of his life in his mother's birthplace Arbursatu. Qaldaý was always fascinated with religion and regularly went to temples to pray and spent most of his time learning to read and write instead of playing with other children in the town. Qaldaý decided that he would devote his life to religion at the age of 14, and went into the Jalqaýyfśa to become a monk.

Middle Life

In the Jalqaýyfśa, Qaldaý was praised for his knowledge of Devotionism at a young age and his wisdom. Qaldaý spent most of his time interpreting scripture and printing holy books in the monastery. Unlike his fellow monks, Qaldaý spent more time worshipping Jet than any other Devotionist deity, and as such was described as defiant at times by some senior monks, but for the most part Qaldaý had a positive image inside the monastery. At the age of 29 Qaldaý along with 3 other monks were sent to Biridek as missionaries. There, he continued his scholarly work and started teaching philosophy. Qaldaý stayed there for 5 years, and it was at this time that he received a holy vision from Jet.

Holy Vision

One day, Qaldaý was enlightened through a dream, where Jet appeared before him and said, “I am Jet, I am the great for I am immortal, I am therefore above all”. Through this Qaldaý realised Jet's power. Since then he proposed the idea that all other Devotionist deities are not gods, but rather just spiritual beings who are part of Jet’s creation who will eventually die because of Qaldaý's philosophy that any creation has an end, which was previously noted in Qaldaý’s scholarly studies. The senior monks of Jalqaýyfśa were not particularly fond of the idea due to the negativity that it projected. Qaldaý claimed that Jet is the only one who could create something out of nothing. He also theorised that there is no reason for the greatest god who could do whatever as Jet pleases to create something that is bad, and therefore Karï’s impure nature is an accident, and that Kari is distraught and betrayed Jet and Kyal. Because of this theory about Kyal and Kari, Qaldaý and Qaldaism heavily focuses on the idea of purity vs impurity. Qaldaý rejects almost all of the older scholarly studies and rejects many of the beliefs in Devotionism. Qaldaý's rejection of other deities in Devotionism infuriated the monks of Jalqaýyfśa, which banished him from the monastery. Atqar went back to Arbursatu and he preached the religion to the ordinary people there. He also started to write the Book of Qaldaý.

Political Power


Late Life