Avarin I

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Avarin I
Avarin I. Osvera
Portrait of Empress Avarin in 1220
Native nameĀvarīn Aqinnátūn Żanilá Osverā
Born(1150-11-26)November 26, 1150
DiedMarch 3, 1277(1277-03-03) (aged 126)
NationalityOsveraali Empire
Other namesOsfẹdâⱡ Âvəlin

Avarin I (Imperial Osveraali: Āvarīn Aqinnátūn Żanilá Osverā ['ɑ:vɐɾi:n ɐqɪn:'a:tu:n ʒɐnɪ'la: ɔsvɛ'ɾɑ:], Old Shyorian: Osfödatl Avõlin [ɔsfœ'dɑt͡ɬ ɑvə'lin], 26 November 1150 - 3 March 1277) was Queen of Usuva and Shyorisaech and the first Osveraali Empress from 1192 until 1277. By her ascension to the throne in 1181, Usuva and Shyorisaech had been linked in a personal union for almost a century, but were merged into a real union with Usuva as its capital in the Act of Union of 1192 following the Dlaxa rebellion. During her later reign, the new state also gained increased control over the still independent Court of Aragre, which would be incorporated in to the Empire during the rule of her daughter, Cainete I.