Ayam Seğâren

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Ayam Seğâren
Seğaaren Ayam
Seğâren Ayam
Ayam Segharen.png
2nd Prince of Rashtun
Assumed office
March 21, 2018
Preceded byZôçey Seğâren (de jure)
Personal details
FatherZôçey Seğâren

Ayam Seğâren (born TBD) is the heir apparent of Great Khan Şakan I of Gushlia, serving also as the current Prince of Rashtun since TBD. He belongs to the House of Seğâren, who have historically ruled Gushlia, as well as its predecessor the Cêzô Khanate, since the 18th Century. While Şakan I is of the House of Ashar, Seğâren has remained the heir apparent and Prince of Rashtun as a result of the Vonjuvan Accord(?) between Balakia, Gushlia, and Komania in 2018, which established the new political order in Gushlia following the resignation of Zôçey Seğâren as Great Khan.

Early life

Early career

Collapse of Shomosvan

Political positions

As a member of Gushli royalty, Seğâren is obliged to remain neutral on Gushli politics. He has, however, expressed his desire for the future reintegration of Gushlia into the wider international community, firstly through reconciliation with Balakia.

Personal life


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