Ayanash Giallnitoo

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Ayanash Giallnitoo
Native name
Áyanaɥ Giallnitóo
FoundedDecember 11, 1913 (1913-12-11) in Áyandooteede, Achiyitqana
HeadquartersÁyandooteede, Achiyitqana
ProductsPremium gin and other liquor
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Áyanaɥ Giallnitóoo (Achiyitqan: /ájanaʃ dʒal:nɪtô:/ "charming gin"), also called Áyagia for short, is an alcoholic beverage producer based in the small town of Áyandooteede (Juniper Valley), Achiyitqana, where it is the main industry and primary employer. Its primary products are its various grades of gin, only the premium of which is available globally. It also produces cider, fruit ice wine, and mead, all with juniper spice.

Áyagia Standard Gin is widely considered the favourite alcohol of Achiyitqans and it is among the most consumed spirits in the country.