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Azen (/æ.ˈzen/) is the most widely-spoken language in Tuanmali. It was brought to Boroso by the Tuanmali people, dalar who originated in Alpa but settled in Boroso after several centuries of nomadic drifting. While generally considered a member of the Garsenian language family, the time depth between Azen and other modern varieties (such as Tirina) is sufficiently large as to make the relationship unclear.

Spoken natively inTuanmali
EthnicityTuanmali people
Native speakers20,000,000  (2020)
Language family
  • Azen
Writing systemDulic script
Official status
Official language in Tuanmali
Recognised minority language in Sanmra

History and classification

As the Tuanmali people largely did not begin using written language until after settling in Boroso around 500 CE, the history of the language before their arrival in Boroso is incomplete. While most mainstream linguists believe internal evidence and historical data indicate Azen is related to the Garsenian languages spoken by dalar in Alpa, including the identification of several cognates, a notable group of linguists argue the language is unrelated to the Garsenian languages. Instead, they posit the language either is the last remnant of an extinct language family arising many millennia ago in Alpa, or is actually descended from a human language, perhaps brought over with human first contact around 15,000 BCE. As the languages of these early humans are unidentified, this theory is both difficult to prove and difficult to disprove. (A fringe but surprisingly earnest group holds the language is of altogether extraterrestrial origin; understandably, this theory is not widely accepted.)