Balak Empire

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Balak Empire
Kaşizee er Balaakbeşee Mişdaraat
Kaşizê er Balâkbeşê Mişdarât


An anachronous map of the Balak Empire.
Capital Yercêsven
Languages Balak
Religion Zarasaism
Government Constitutional Monarchy
 •  1866 - 1872 Kamât I (Balâkpâş)
 •  1872 - 1908 Jimâşim I
 •  1908 - 1921 Hazdamli I
 •  1921 - 1952 Jimâşim II
Historical era Late Modern Era
 •  Established 1866
 •  Disestablished 1952
Today part of

The Balak Empire (Balak: Kaşizee er Balaakbeşee Mişdaraat Kaşizê er Balâkbeşê Mişdarât, literally meaning "Great (and) Balak Empire") was an eastern Vaniuan regional power that existed from its unification in 1866 to its abolition in 1952. It was founded by Emperor Kamat I in the aftermath of the Balak-Zwazwan War.

The Balak Empire was in a state of personal union with Sonka, commonly regarded as a Balak colony during this time, for much of its existence beginning in 1872 with the coronation of Emperor Jimâşim II, who had already been elected as the King of Sonka prior to the formation of the Balak Empire. This unique situation informed Balak colonial policy and resulted in relatively light-handed governance, as well as humane treatment of the local Sonkhai populatuion compared to other contemporary colonial powers. X.

As a result of the loss of its possessions in Baredina to Shohuan as stipulated in the Treaty of X, including Sonka, the Balak Empire entered a period of economic stagnation and socio-political turmoil, during which time the political status quo became threatened by Balkist uprisings. In 1921, Emperor Hazdamli I was assassinated by [name], a member of the Balkist insurgence group [name]. Following this, a Balkist coup d'état in 1923 saw the brief ousting of Emperor Jimâşim and the temporary abolition of the Balak monarchy. X. With the support of Sannists led by Tayan Vaşnabaş, the monarchy was restored in a counter-coup. During the period following the coup, Sannist ideology began to soar in popularity among conservative and pro-monarchy groups in the country, as well as other groups who wished to oppose the threat of Balkism, even including certain Kuulist organisations such as [group name]. Coupled with political pressure placed on Emperor Jimâşim from Sannists, this culminated in the appointment of Vaşnabaş as Prime Minister in 1925.


Yerec Pact


White War

Great Ekuosian War