Balak colonization of Sonka

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Balak colonization of Sonka
Location Sonka
Result Balak personal union over Sonka
 Balak Empire  Sonka

The Balak colonization of Sonka, also known as the Great Election in Sonka, was an effort by the Balak Kingdom of Zondush to have their king elected as King of Sonka. Originally resulting from attempts to gain exclusive access to Sonkhai goods, this resulted in the establishment of a personal union between the Balak Empire and Sonka.


Trade links between eastern Vaniua and Sonka had been established as early as the 15th Century, during the X dynasty in Sonka. Following the collapse of the Great Horde the newly independent Hershemic states of modern day Balakia and Gushlia continued trading with Sonka, although civil conflict in Sonka slowed the flow of goods to Vaniua. The Zonam Khanate in particular had amassed a considerable amount of wealth in obtaining Sonkhai gold through trade.

In 1852, diplomatic ties were established between the states of Balakia and the X dynasty of Sonka.

The Beast-slayers

Seeking to gain exclusive access to Sonkhai goods, in particular its large gold reserves and soursop, and thus curb the influence of the Zonam Khanate and the Zwazwan Empire, which were seen as potential obstacles to an upcoming campaign for Balak unification, Jimâşim Zonkamâ, Crown Prince of Zondush, was sent to negotiate a deal with the X dynasty. Although no deal had been reached he learned of a series of myths during his visit surrounding a fearsome divine beast known as the X, [sth about slaying it]. Upon returning to Zondush he set off on a royal hunting trip, then commissioned a surgeon in Yercêsven to attach the wings of an eagle to the body of a wolf, both of which had been killed during the trip. With the completion of a fake X Jimâşim was ready to return to Sonka and gain the king's favour and negotiate another deal. Accompanied by a royal entourage Jimâşim once again appeared before King X and presented his fake X before the king and members of the Noble Assembly. The Sonkhai King and (most of) the Noble Assembly were astonished, thinking they had slain the divine beast X, as wolfs were not native to Sonka. Within the moment, a shaman soon burst into the Noble Assembly and proclaimed that Sonka had been saved from a great calamity. Upon hearing this the Nobles threw a three-day celebration in honor of Jimâşim.

Death of the King


The results were almost unanimous, with almost all of the X nobles wanting to elect Jimâşim Zonkamâ as king. Jimâşim was elected as the new King of Sonka, becoming the first King of the Zonkamâ, which is where Sonka derives it's modern name. This was not universally accepted in Sonka however, as Jimâşim was elected in absentia, leading to the Noble War, a civil conflict lasting X years that would ultimately solidify Zonkamâ control over Sonka.


Following the death of his father Kamât Zonkamâ in X, Jimâşim ascended to the Balak throne, effectively placing Sonka in a personal union under the Balak crown. Sonka would remain in a personal union with Balakia until the collapse of the Balak Empire. The unique political relationship between Sonka and the Balak Empire necessitated relatively light-handed governance and humane treatment of the local Sonkhai population compared to other colonial powers by the expanding Balak elite, so as to maintain the favour of the Noble Assembly, on whom the Balak crown was dependent for maintaining its hold on Sonka.


The Zonkamâ dynasty rules in Sonka to this day, with the current King, Sonka Ayam, being a descendant of Jimâşim Zonkamâ.