Thatig Homdjir

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Thatig Homdjir
Bann Schemer.jpg
President Homdjir's Official Photograph Portrait c. 1855
Born(1789-09-13)September 13, 1789
DiedApril 18, 1859(1859-04-18) (aged 69)
Gvanieg, Shohuan
Other namesThatig the Great
Alma materNational University of Gvanieg
Years active1832 - 1859

Thatig Homdjir was Shohuan's most prominent Monarch of the 19th Century, beginning numerous reforms, aiding in the industrialization of the nation, recreating the Royal Navy along with the colonial charters which would later dominate trade along the Parshita, and established Shohuan as the modern cultural capital of Vaniu. His reforms and actions led to the rise of the Shohuanese state in international politics in a format he called "Vdeþþaiêwitsez Hollhuq" (Threaded Politics) while also playing a major role in leading the nation against the pre-existing great power, the Terminian Three Kingdoms, which had always been a strong competitor against Shohuan's expansion and trade since its modernization.

Early Life

Time in the Royal Army

Ascension to the Throne



Colonial Focus