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Baredina Locator.png
Area50,701,000 km2 (19,576,000 sq mi)
Countries29 (list of countries)
Time zonesSCT +0 to SCT +8

Baredina is the second largest continent on Sahar, located primarily within the Southern and Eastern Hemispheres. To the north lies the Parshita Sea. To the east lie the Taanttu Gulf to the north and the Armizziya Sea to the south. To the west is the Saru Sea.

Baredina covers an area of 50,701,000 kmĀ², about 33.656% of Sahar's total land area and about 9.940% of Sahar's total surface. It is the second largest continent by land area, behind Miraria.


Baredina can be roughly divided into three main regions: Ekuosia, Puzimm, and South Baredina. Together, Ekuosia and Puzimm are sometimes called North Baredina. Other regions may also be recognized, such as Central Baredina, while Ekuosia is often subdivided into Upper Ekuosia, Lower Ekuosia, and the Argeyaz Bay region.

Ystel is sometimes considered a "subcontinent" of Baredina, especially due to the historical relations between the Atruozan and Southern Ystellic peoples.


Baredina is host to the longest river on Sahar, the Ekuos, after which the region of Ekuosia is named. The Ekuos River system and its basin also included the Tabiq river and Kasingadh lakes, and terminates in Sahar's largest delta in Nevira.

Baredina's largest lake is Lake Khuda, the fifth largest on Sahar, between Azerin and Barradiwa.