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Provincial capital city
Simple map of Edhu's growth
Simple map of Edhu's growth
Country Fáknir Republic
ProvinceProvFáknirlandFlag.png Lower Fáknirland
 • Total182.12 km2 (70.32 sq mi)
12 m (39 ft)
 • Total520,181
 • Density2,900/km2 (7,400/sq mi)
Demonym(s)Edhudo, Edhuan
Time zoneSCT-2

Edhu (Fáknir: [ɛdˈɣu]), also known in Thaaft as Bastoori ([ˈbɑs̠tɔːɾɪ]), is the capital and largest city of the Lower Fáknirland province of the Fáknir Republic, and is home to 520 thousand inhabitants. It is the second largest city of the country, after Pfahfá. Edhu is a coastal city, situated on the north-western shore of the Gulan Sea, enjoying a semi-humid mediterranean climate. Due to its history as the former capital of the Fáknir Empire and the long-established institutions it houses, it has significant administrative to this day, and later under the Ikolinian rulership of the Fals Empire it developed into a major rail, highway, and air-transport center.


The etymology of Edhu is unknown. It may possibly have originated with the pre-Fáknir Kiorian population of the region. The Thaaft name Bastoori, is a compound of baste "tree tobacco" and oori "workplace; shop". This is a calque from Fáknir misot pasateh, of identical meaning.


Earliest evidence pointing to a settlement with the name Edhu dates to around 500 AD, coming from a Boorian manuscript detailing the tribes living east of the Boorian Empire. After the fall of the Boorian Empire and the foundation of Hirini's kingdom, the population of Fáknirland and its cities began to increase quickly, including its seat of power Edhu. Edhu was the capital of the Fáknir Empire, and remained so until it was conquered by the Ikolinian Kingdom. After this, Pfahfá began to eclipse Edhu as the center of the Fáknir world, and a period of depopulation happened, although Edhu's population had already been stagnant for around a century as a result of many of its poorer residents seeking new opportunities in the far west. This trend was common in most cities of Fáknirland. Directly after the conquest of the Fáknir Empire, the settlement of Bastoori was built adjacent to Edhu's inner city by Ikolinian and As officials, traders, craftsmen, and settlers in general, and the administrative center of the city was moved to Bastoori as well. Over time, the city began to be known throughout the non-Fáknir parts of the Empire solely as Bastoori, and after the reformation of the Ikolinian Kingdom into the Fals Empire, the city was officially renamed to its Thaaft name. After the city fell into the hands of the Fáknir Republic during the 2017-2019 Fáknir Civil War, it was renamed to Edhu and most of its important institutions were relocated to the old city in an attempt to reverse the image that the city operated at the behest of Ikolinians, and Bastoori was made a borough of Edhu. Regardless, Edhu proper and Bastoori are still considered two separate entities by most of the local populace.








Ethnic breakdown of Edhu proper as of 2020.
Population: 483,428

  Fáknirs (96.4%)
  Finns (2.3%)
  Termians (0.8%)
  Ells (0.3%)
  As (0.1%)
  Ikolinians (0.1%)

Ethnic breakdown of Bastoori as of 2015.
Population: 49,280

  As (62.7%)
  Fáknirs (21.4%)
  Ikolinians (10.9%)
  Finns (3.9%)
  Termians (0.6%)
  Ells (0.3%)
  Farressets (0.2%)

Ethnic breakdown of Bastoori as of 2020.
Population: 36,753

  Fáknirs (52.6%)
  As (34.5%)
  Finns (8.5%)
  Ikolinians (2.6%)
  Termians (1.0%)
  Ells (0.6%)
  Farressets (0.2%)

For the purposes of highlighting the demographic differences between the two main subdivisions of the city, they are considered separate. Whether or not Bastoori is part of Edhu outside of official status, is a matter of great debate among the locals. Bastoori Ikolinians and As believe strongly that it is a separate entity from Edhu, while the general concensus among Edhu proper's predominantly Fáknir population is that it should remain a neighborhood subordinate to Edhu, like all its others subdivisions.

Edhu proper

Edhu has been overwhelmingly Fáknir for most of its existence. A large minority of Ells settled in the city in the 7th century following the demise of the Boorian Empire, bringing with them wealth, skill, and knowledge that became an important factor for city's growth and rise to singular influence in Fáknirland. The Ells had assimilated into the Fáknir population by 1400 at the latest, and most Ells currently living in Edhu immigrated from eastern Fáknirland in the last 150 years.


During and after the 2017-2019 civil war, nearly half the As and Ikolinian population of Bastoori fled, were ousted, or died as casualties of war or more likely, as a result of genocide at the hands of the HF. This has led to a significant depopulation of Bastoori in general and a change in demographics toward a majority of Fáknirs. Whereas Bastoori was previously around 60% As and Ikolinian, this number had dropped to 28% in 2020. Fáknirs and Finns have moved in to fill this gap to some extent, with the now increased housing supply leading to decreased prices, attracting aspiring homeowners.

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