Battle of Karzuztam

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Battle of Karzuztam
Part of War of the Khezian Succession
Gelakaz Esiceiz Hairiz.png
Depiction of Gelakaẓ Esíceiẓ Hairiz from a woodblock print
DateSeptember 19, 1743
LocationKarzuztam, Kingdom of Khezan
Result Disputed
House of ha Aramaz House of Sinomiẓ
Commanders and leaders
Kingdom of Khezan Banner.png Gelakaẓ Esíceiẓ Hairiz Seimbursav Banner 2.png Usam Hədaz Śudrve
30 Hanala 30 Aboren
Casualties and losses
5 dead 9 dead

The Battle of Karzuztam was an arranged battle outside the city walls of Karzuztam between the hanala representing supporters of the Kingdom of Khezan and aboren representing the supporters of Kingdom of Vanosha. The battle was arranged via selected combatants under the condition of adhering to the rules of engagement agreed to by both sides. The battle was noted for being one of the last instances of chivalric combat in Vaniua between two combatants in a conflict.


Rules of combat