Blossom (currency)

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Blossom (currency)
Central bankCentral Bank of the Royal Charter
Date of introductionMay 12, 1872; 149 years ago (1872-05-12)
User(s)The Charter:
 The Nmasinha
<templatestyles src="Nobold/styles.css"/> 1/1000petal
<templatestyles src="Nobold/styles.css"/>petalp
<templatestyles src="Nobold/styles.css"/> Freq. used10p, 20p, 50p, 100p, ฿¼, ฿½, ฿1, ฿2, ฿5
<templatestyles src="Nobold/styles.css"/> Rarely used1p, 2p, 5p
<templatestyles src="Nobold/styles.css"/> Freq. used฿10, ฿20, ฿50, ฿100
<templatestyles src="Nobold/styles.css"/> Rarely used฿200, ฿500

The blossom (symbol: ฿; ISO code: SBL), also known as the Soltenna blossom, is the official currency of the Charter and the sole legal tender in 4 of its member states. It is the second most traded currency in Soltenna, after the Forian acre, and is used daily by over 150 million Soltennans. The blossom is subdivided into 1000 petals.

The blossom is the oldest monetary union on Sahar, having existed in various forms since 1872. It was the result of an attempt by Liosol and Methinaqh to standardise the specifications of gold and silver used in the coins of their respective national currencies, the Methinaqhi ??? and the Ryoseullan blossom. This standard became the norm in most of Soltenna. After the abolition of the gold standard in 1954 following the Great Ekuosian War, the currency underwent a period of centralisation, culminating in the disestablishment of the central banks of Methinaqh and Liosol and the creation of the Central Bank of the Royal Charter.