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Boroso Locator.png
Area19,347,000 km2 (7,470,000 sq mi)
Countries20 countries
Dependencies5 dependencies
LanguagesBavkir, Dhwer, Fadallan, Saavdis, Heoroman, Karakat, Kavrinian, Khaa, Mbamigi, Asakan, Ngutanese, Qamaatak, Vaamekian, Yaharan, Yennodorian
Flag of Boroso

Boroso is a continent of Sahar located to the west of Ekuosia, separated by the Taanttu and Armizziyan seas. Also bordering Boroso are the Asura Ocean to the west and the Dragon Sea to the north. Off the northwestern coast of Boroso is Nagu, separated by the Czucz Sea.

Boroso spans an area of around 19,347,000 km2 (7,470,000 sq mi)—about 12.844% of Sahar's land area and about 3.793% of Sahar's total surface—making it the 3rd largest continent, following Miraria and Baredina.




Boroso is commonly divided into two regions, Upper Boroso and Lower Boroso. Dividing the two regions is the Isthmus of Katar, located entirely within Fals Empire.



The lake region of west-central Boroso is known as the Borosan Great Lakes and is thought to be the original homeland of the Barmeki ethnicity.

The names of the major lakes in Vaamekian are (from largest to smallest):

Also, the tallest mountain, Mt. Boroso, in located in Western Khaazland. sustaining a peak of about _____km.