Bretiêv Pâlu

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Bretiêv Pâlu
Flag of Bretiêv Pâlu
DistrictVêsêv Lôns
 • Total24,891
Postal Code
3351 - 3353
Calling Code+54 1371

Bretiêv Pâlu is a municipality in Lons, in the district of Vêsêv Lôns. It's capital is Vitiselo, and other towns in it are Bretipol, Fâstla and Gilotâsî. It borders the municipalities of Folo, Hinimô, Pâlu ân Huns, Mâsâ Nopâ and Otâm Pâlu.




The flag of Bretiêv Pâlu consists of a cut-off spiral on a yellow background. The spiral is for the archeological findings in the area, and is also the symbol for Hotolon, a warmwater spring in Bretiêv Pâlu. The yellow in the flag represents the desert.