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TheologyRadical Dualism,
RegionNorthern Soltenna
FounderThe Prophet Belan
Originc. 749
Separated fromAkalism
SeparationsBelani Fel, Orthodox, Shrine of Nmasinha
Other name(s)Alotol Akalism

Byumism, also known as Alotol Akalism, is a religion that separated from Akalism in 749. It has almost 40 million members worldwide.


Byumism and the "Traditional Sect" differ in many ways:

  • Byumism doesn't believe in death at all, rather, it is referred to as, the "passing."
  • It is believed that people of noble birth are reincarnated into poverty while the opposite is true for those who were poor. The only people reincarnated as animals are non-Byumist/Akalist.
  • Liosol personifies Akali as a river/body of water and Tavanuy as a mountain although Tavanuy's existence is debated by most groups.
  • Unlike Akalism, Byumism believes that one can reach complete peace (called "heyanho") and join Akali in the heavens through either death as an infant, being killed unrighteously (murdered), or fulfillment of life (dying peacefully of old age after years of faithfulness).