Caese I of Ittohar

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Caese I
King of Ittohar
19th Century depiction of Idany I
King of Ittohar
ReignSeptember 12th 1449 - May 22nd 1462
PredecessorIdany I
SuccessorYnt II
Born(1426-11-11)11 November 1426
Runjasats, Norjihan
Died22 May 1462(1462-05-22) (aged 35)
Annipef, Ittohar
IssueYnt II, Dannaxi I
FatherIdany I the Fair

Caese I (11 November 1426 - 22 May 1462), also known as Caese the Blind, was an Ittohari king from his father's death on September 12 1449 until his death on May 22nd 1462. He got his nickname from the fact that he'd been suffering from cataract from a young age.