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Carechal in 1722
Native nameCarēchal Tėmėtīn Semȯlōva Arvas
Born(1698-02-02)February 2, 1698
DiedJune 4, 1722(1722-06-04) (aged 24)
NationalityOsveraali Empire

Carechal (Imperial Osveraali: Carēchal Tėmėtīn Semȯlōva Arvas [kɐ'ɾe:xɐl tɘmɘ'ti:n sɛmɞ'lo:vɐ 'ɐɾvɐs], 2 February 1698 - 4 June 1722) was Queen of Usuva and the fifteenth Osveraali Empress from 1718 until 1724. The second empress from House Arvas, she succeeded her father Athanetan II after his premature death in late 1717 while still a minor, earning her the nickname "Child Queen". Like him, she proved incapable of securing her family's hold on the throne after the lengthy and brutal power struggle of the First Interregnum and remained largely a puppet of the Usuvan Court during her reign. She was the first and only Osveraali Empress to be assassinated; her death, much like the one of the last Osvera empress Sessicon II, caused a vicious internal conflict, the Second Interregnum. While Carechal is remembered as the weakest ruler of Imperial Atsiq in political terms, her favourable attitude towards the Empire's human population and her attempts to ease the tensions between the races during her brief reign has led to a more positive appraisal by historians in recent times.