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Native speakers1.4 million  (2010)
Language family
  • Casmadakan
Early forms:
  • Old Casmadakan
    • Casmadakan
Writing systemFeyandya

Casmadakan (IPA: /kɑzməˈdɑːkɪn/; Casmadakana, Казмадачьщина; Casmadakan: Peyúdak'azmadék'éx /pɛjuð̞äkʼäzmäð̞eˈkʼéx/; Yaharan: Sílulcërkrohäyär /ˈsɪ̈luls͢ʃɛɹkɹoɦɑjɑɹ/; Trunaomatian: Jēnódoruk Uzaiśtetrohajaz /jɛːˈnɤ̞dɤ̞rɯk ɯɣäɪ̯θ̠tɛtrɤ̞ˈhäjäɣ/) is a language spoken by about four million people in Yaxarhayut. It is one of the official languages of the Duchy of Sithen, and is spoken as a minority language in many of the surrounding Duchies in Yaxarhayut.

Linguists currently classify Casmadakan as a language isolate, however several theories have been proposed that suggest Casmadakan may be a distant relative of language families as nearby as the Yaharan language family or as far away as the Sangmian languages.


Casmadakan descends from Old Casmadakan, which was spoken roughly between the fifteenth to seventeenth centuries. Old Casmadakan, in turn, descends from Proto-Casmadakan, of which several possible words are found in Yaharan texts of the time. Casmadakan has been heavily influenced by Yaharan, and a significant portion of its native vocabulary has been displaced in favour of Yaharan loans. Early Yaharan writings suggest that Proto-Casmadakian may have been spoken as far north as Bwutanui, and as far west as Lake Vyaungodenhara, however analysis of placenames suggests that the furthest northern extent was likely somewhere in the Duchy of Yitsma. The Casmadakan language has since shrunk in extent and speakers, and is mostly contained to the Duchy of Sithen and its environs today. It has been subject to a revival movement in recent years, promoting the use of Casmadakan over Yaharan or Trunaomatian, the two most spoken languages in Yaxarhayut, and is closely tied to several Sithenese independence movements.




Bilabial Dental Alveolar Alveolo-palatal Palatal Velar Uvular Glottal
Nasal m ɲ ŋ [ɴ]
Plosive p t̪ t̪ʼ k kʼ q ʔ
Fricative f v θ ð̞ z ɕ ʑ x ɣ χ ʁ h
Approximant ʍ w l̪ʰ ʎ j jʷ ɫ̪
Front Central Back
Close i y ʉ u
Near-Close ɪ ʊ
Mid e ø ə o
Near-Open ɛ ɔ
Open æ ɶ ä ɒ ɒː


Morphology and syntax


Writing and literature

Feyandya: Latin: IPA: Other:
A a ä
Aa á ɒː
Æ ä æ
Ä â ə
Ao å ɒ May also be written as ao
d d ð̞
E e ɛ
Ee é e
f f f
g g ɣ
ğ ğ ʁ
h h h
I i ɪ
Ii í i
k k k
l l ɫ̪
ł ł l̪ʰ
m m m
n n
O o ɔ
Oo ó o
Ö ö ɶ
Öö ő ø
p p p
q q q
r r r
s s θ
š š ɕ
t t
U u ʊ
Uu ú u
Ü ü ʉ
v v v
w w w
x x x
y y j
Ÿ y y
z z z
ž ž ʑ