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This category is for all articles that are partially or entirely out of date. If an article is here, it either badly needs updating (and can't be trusted until it's updated) or should be deleted entirely.

If you want to be super extra sure that something will get deleted, post about it in wiki request thread or blank the article and add the {{OOD}} tag. Otherwise, it'll only get deleted if alynnidalar is totally certain it's a country no longer on Sahar.

Note for maintainers: when removing a country, not only should you delete articles tagged as out of date, but also check where the article is linked (use the "What links here" link on the lefthand side of the screen) and do a search on the country name as well. Also keep an eye out for any images that were uploaded specifically for that country (e.g. flags on a country template, maps in a country article).


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