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The Parliament of Soptemia
Flag of Cherrin
 • Total1,641,963
Time zoneUTC+0

Cherrin (Soptenese: t͡ʃeryn) is the capital city of Soptemia. It is located in the province of Bangen and is the second-most populous city in Soptemia, after Obe Anstemen, with a population of 1,641,963. Cherrin is located about 40km east of Obe Anstemen.



Cherrin was established in 1810 at a crossroads, and saw a period of rapid growth that sped up during the early industrialization. Cherrin quickly became the largest and most important city in the region, even more so than Obe Anstemen, which was on the decline, as its defensive position was not as well suited to be a beacon of commerce like Cherrin was. In 1859, Obe Anstemen burned down. The capital was moved to Cherrin. This move was meant to be temporary but it never moved back. Cherrin was the first city in the region to become industrialized, and was a beacon of the burgeoning industrial and agricultural economies in the east of Soptemia.




Cherrin is centered around a clock tower, which has become an icon for the city. This clock tower sits in the middle of a three-block area of the city often referred to as the "old city" The parliament and the ministerial epicenter are located adjacent to each other directly southwest of the old city. About 400 meters to the east of the old city is Lake X, a pond about one square kilometer. About 1.5 kilometers to the west of the old city, the X river flows north-south. The X river is not large, and has been primarily turned into a canal. Lake X is connected to the X river by another canal, to the north of the old city. To the south of the canal, and northwest of the old city, lies both the Supreme court of Soptemia, and the Cherrin exchange, which co-occupies the same building.

Cherrin-Sanklij International Airport is located at the southern end of the city. It was constructed from an airbase in 1954, and is the base of operations for Air Klinkal. The terminal was constructed in the 1980s.

Hailing from its roots as a railway hub, Cherrin is home to an extensive railway network. Several private companies run commuter and intercity trains to various destinations in central Soptemia from various railroad stations. the Cherrin Metro began service in 1912 and is the most extensive in Soptemia, with five lines operating and two in planning stages.


Cherrin is home to the Cherrin Domestic Cats, a Fumberu team.


The Cherrin Exchange is located in Cherrin. It primarily handles agricultural products and lumber.



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