Colonisation of Lahan

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The colonisation of Lahan and subsequent colonial period began in 16?? with the expansion of the Saruan Empire into Lahan and its islands. Colonialism had massive and permanent effects on the populations, cultures, and languages of Lahan, as well as its biodiversity and landscape. The colonial era is considered to have ended with the independence of TBD from Balakia in 1???, but its effects can still be seen in the culture, population, infrastructure, and borders between the present-day countries.


The archaeological record indicates that Lahan has been inhabited for at least ??,?00 years, and its history has been marked by several waves of migration. The oral traditions of some Lahani peoples consider the arrival of the Lahiri in the ??th century BCE to be an invasion and the 'first colonisation.'

Sailors from various parts of Baredina had made contact and established trading relations with Lahanese peoples by the 1?th century CE, with Nevirans first setting foot on the island by at least 15??. At this time the vast majority of the island's inhabitants were still nomadic or semi-nomadic hunter-gatherers, but there were a few established large, sedentary political bodies, such as the Kingdom of Thap, which engaged in large-scale, organized trade with the Baredinans.

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