Constitution of Liosol

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The Constitution of the Sovereign Kingdom of Liosol, commonly known as the Constitution of Liosol, is the supreme law of the Sovereign Kingdom of Liosol. Authored by Man Aten it establishes the structure of the Alotol government such as the Prime Minister, House of Status, and role of the royal family. The Constitution came into force 12 August, 1805 and has undergone many revisions in the years since, the most recent one being in 1951.


The people of the Alotol countries gathered together under one crown adhere to the rights of all men to live freely under the auspices of a government of the people, by the people. All citizens in the Sovereign Kingdom of Liosol, hereafter referred to as Liosol, are required, unless they for any reason see it unjust to do so, follow the law written herein and defend this Constitution by all means. Any authority in the state of Liosol depends on the decisive will of the people and their understanding of these laws.


Article I

Section I - Legislative bodies

The legislative powers of Liosol are granted to the Ministry and House of Status. The Ministry herein shall consist of a formally elected official in the form of Prime Minister and his cabinet while the House of Status shall consist of party members whose number shall be according to the enumerated votes of the people.

Section II - Rights of monarchy

The monarchy shall serve as a benefactor of the state. Their role includes but is not limited to: granting establishment of a new Ministry and House of Status, meeting with other heads of state, establishing treatises with foreign governments, approving of acts of commerce, granting acts of war, dismissal of members of the House of Status, appointment of generals to the armed forces. (The previous italicized sentences were removed by the 1st Amendment)

Article V

Ratification of this Constitution by five regional representatives shall establish this Constitution for the Sovereign Kingdom of Liosol.