Doman Wazit

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Doman Wazit
doman wazit
Wazit in 2014
Supreme Ernujas of Czisilia
In office
November 11 1961 – March 2 2018
Preceded byShëro Khasuk
Succeeded byposition abolished
Personal details
Born(1927-09-14)September 14, 1927
Kúri, Adhelsonian Provisional State
DiedMarch 2, 2018(2018-03-02) (aged 90)
Eresa, Czisilia
NationalityCzisilian, Terminian

Doman Wazit (Czisilian: doman wazit [ˈdo.mɐn ˈwɑ.zɪt̚]) was a Terminian-born Czisilian Ernujas and Politician who governed the country as Supreme Ernujas from 1961 until he died in the collapse of the minaret of the Eresa Juvid in 2018.

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