Dhahńat Sejar am-Panak

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Dhahńat Sejar am-Panak
Secretary General of the International Congress
In office
2017 – Incumbent
Algazi Delegate, CEPS
In office
Personal details
BornĐahńat Sejar am-Panak
(1965-08-12)12 August 1965
Mehyaran, Tabiqa
NationalityAlgazi, Tabiqan
ReligionIovism (Reform)

Dhahńat Sejar am-Panak (Algaz: /ða(h)njat sɛʒaɾ ampanak/, Adzamasi: Đahńat Sežal am-Panak /ðahɲat sɛʒal ampanak/) is an Algazi-Tabiqan diplomat and academic, currently serving as Secretary General of the International Congress. Prior to taking the position, she was the Algazi delegate to the Council for Ekuosian Peace and Stability and is a noted expert on Central Ekuosian affairs.

Early Life

Sejar am-Panak was born in Mehyaran to an Algazi academic father and an Adzamasi journalist mother. Following a brief move to Panemi, the family moved to Eyadhan when Sejar am-Panak was nine years old. There, the Sejars were involved in number of political and social causes, particularly relating to immigrants' and refugees' rights; Sejar am-Panak later credited this upbringing as the source of her desire to work for sapient rights and international cooperation. She attended the Academy of Hayan in Hafsigh, where she studied political science and international development.


Following the completion of her studies, Sejar am-Panak worked as a diplomat in Algazi embassies in Tabiqa and Nevira In 1998, she was appointed the IC Special Rapporteur on Central Ekuosia, where she worked to document violence and human rights abuses, as well as violations of treaties and ceasefires. She left the position after 8 years, taking a position as the Abin Nayuz esh-Abin Chair in International Affairs at the Algazi National Academy, Eyadhan. In 2009, Sejar am-Panak was appointed the Algazi Union's delegate to the Council for Ekuosian Peace and Stability, where she played an active role in mediating conflicts in Central Ekuosia and Western Veridia and in pushing for closer diplomatic and cultural relations between EkU states. In 2017, she was nominated as a candidate for Secretary General of United Sahar, a position she won after five rounds of voting.

Personal Life

Sejar am-Panak is a dual citizen of the Algazi Union and Tabiqa, and was raised in her father's Iovist faith. She is natively bilingual in Algaz and Adzamasi, and is also fluent in Lestzi and Neviran.