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Developer(s)Daufre Entertainment
Initial releaseOctober 4, 2001; 21 years ago (2001-10-04)
Stable release
Dienaithe 5.0 / May 15, 2017; 5 years ago (2017-05-15)
Development statusActive
Available inLithian
TypeSinging synthesizer

Dienaithe (Lithian: [ˈdi.enaitʰe], literally: "electronic voice") is a singing voice synthesizer software. It was initially developed in 1998 as an experimental project by a team of students from Bet-Halon Institute of Technology in Lugida, led by Mikon Meltuge, jointly with Theres Instruments. Beginning as a text-to-speech engine, the team accidentally discovered Dienaithe's potential capabilities on singing following a beta test. After gaining interest and backing from Daufre Entertainment, the software developed further with its first commercial release in 2001.

The software uses a synthesizing technology that enables users to synthesize "singing" by inputting lyrics and melody in a piano roll type interface. Vocals synthesized by Dienaithe software are made from specially recorded vocals of voice actors or singers. Pronunciation stress, vibrato, tone, and vocal dynamics of the voice can be customized in the software.

Dienaithe were marketed as a replacement for an actual singer. It had only a niche market as the software was initially intended for professional circles and interest in Dienaithe is limited. Released in 2004, Shinelair is the first Dienaithe to be marketed with a miko-style personification. Kamgeurin works based off Dienaithe began to be popular during this period. Its success culminated with the release of Dienaithe Tinatekna.

Software history


Dienaithe 1.0

Product Developer Language Sex Voice sampled Release date
Shinelair Daufre Entertainment Lithian Female Anure Minmothe March 18, 2004

Dienaithe 2.0

Product Developer Language Sex Voice sampled Release date
Tinatekna Daufre Entertainment Lithian Female (Tina)
Male (Tekna)
Viela Felenith (Tina)
Sato Wilau (Tekna)
August 9, 2007