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Etymology: "Iron City", from Kalkali
Country Kaatkukia

Domajar (Kaatian: Domajar /dɔmʌʤʌr/) is the capital city of Kaatkukia.


Before the Great Horde period, Domajar was called Tamisang (Kaatian: Támisaaŋ /tʌ́misaŋ/, Old Kaatian *tamesa:ŋ, meaning „iron village“). Tamisang was the capital of the Kaatian Empire, which lasted from 612 to 823. It was also the birthplace of the prophet Zarasa, whose religious teachings became the religion of the Empire - nowadays, they're known as Zarasaism. In 823 the Battle of Tamisang happened, in which Balâhak defeated the Kaatian Empire (which by then only controlled Tamisang and its immediate surroundings), subjugating the last emperor Tamiring III. (Old Kaatian *tamediŋ, literally „iron warrior“) The city was renamed Domajar (from Kalkali /dɒmæðar/, meaning „iron city“) after being conquered by the Great Horde in 1379. In the Sannist period (1967-2003), the city was once again renamed to Tamisang, but immediately after the regime changed, the name was changed to the previous one.


The Holy Gharam

In the city centre lies the site where Zarasa first preached his teachings. In 759, king Roding I. Pashnaveyim (Kaatian: rodiŋ /rɔdiŋ/ „rain warrior“, epithet pášnaaveyim /pʌ́ʃnaβɛjim/ „sand ruler“) ordered for a large gharam to be built there, which then became one of the four Zarasaist Holy Gharams. This gharam was costly and weakened the Kaatian Empire, leading to its defeat by Balâhak (see above.)

Sister cities

Tämisaa, Kaatkukia