Draconic Alliance

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Draconic Alliance
Member states of the Draconic Alliance
Location Draconic Islands
Administrative centerCircles among the member states every 4 years
Type Economic and cultural union
Members Founding Members

Other Members

 -  Chairman TBD
Establishment 1962
 -  Chelgyu and Chinamshi join 1969 
 -  Goal joins 1981 
Currency Draconic Lotus (DRL)
Time zone (SCT-8 to -20)

The Draconic Alliance is an economic union centered around the Draconic Islands with the intent of fomenting development in the region, cementing the Draconics position as an important trade corridor and to preserve draconic economic, political and cultural interests from foreign imperialism. It was first established in 1962 as the Kuulist Draconics Co-Prosperity Sphere with a pact between Danshapu, Tzulhon, Awarahl and Yachiro, but branched out to and began accepting non-kuulist member states as soon as 1969.


Early proposals for international agreements in the Draconics were circulated as early as 1950 as a reaction to the end of the Pangyeoun War and the reorganization of Soltennan politics that immediately followed, but it would take until 1962 for the politics of the individual countries to stabilize enough to allow for such an agreement to be reached. While initially a Kuulist organization, the Alliance was an early proponent of free trade in the Kuulosphere, establishing trade relations with Lhavres as early as 1967 and opening up the organization to non-kuulist countries in 1969 with the inclusion of Chelgyu and Chinamshi.




Foreign relations




The trade policies of the Draconic Alliance have received criticisms from both ends of the spectrum; Kuulist countries criticized the Alliance's willingness to trade with non-Kuulist countries, Dhwer insisting particularly heavily that they not trade with Lhavres throughout the 70's. After Jáan Vexut rose to power in Helsonia in 1977 and started implementing his reforms the diplomatic situation of the Alliance became much simpler as their policies alligned with Vexut's goals and closer ties could be established with Helsonia. On the other end of the spectrum, from Lhavres, Fordas and often economically liberal politicians within the Alliance, the main criticism historically has been about the relatively high tariffs and strict regulations enforced by the Draconic Alliance over their large volume of international trade.