Dragon Sea

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Dragon Sea
Dhwer: KuÞaþt KeRyutuw Mbamigi: A'indobi
EtymologyThere be Dragons

The Dragon Sea (Dhwer: KuÞaþt KeRyutuw, Mbamigi: [undefined] error: {{lang}}: no text (help) A'indobi ahitovi) is a medium-sized body of water located in the Northern and Western Hemispheres, between Alpa to the north and Boroso to the south. It is separated from the Taanttu Gulf to the east by Those Random Islands, and from the Asura Ocean to the west by Nagu. To the north, it passes through a strait between Alpa and Miraria before reaching the North Sea.

The portion of the Dragon Sea southwest of Those Random Islands, which borders Boroso and Nagu is known as the Sira Gulf.