Dulic calendar

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The Dulic calendar is a calendar used in Upper Boroso (plus others). It is a solar calendar, and is divided into 4 seasons, each containing 91 days. New Year is always on the southern hemisphere vernal equinox (usually September 22 or 23).

How to read

Dates are read starting at the equinox box in the central ring, then travel clockwise until you reach the thirtieth day, then go up one row and start at the first again, and around again in the same manner to the outer ring. As each season has ninety-one days, an extra day is added to the 1 column.

Date reckoning

Dates are reckoned from the nearest festival (there are anywhere from six to ten festivals per season, including equinoxes and solstices). For instance if it is 2 days before Festival A and 10 days after Festival B in Spring, 4998, one would say it is "2 Before Festival A, Spring, 4998."

New Year

New Year is on the spring equinox.

Leap year

Every 4 years, an addition 5 days are added to the end of the year.