Ekuosian Union

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Flag Emblem
Motto: The Ekuos Runs Golden
(ancient proverb)
The EkU (green) within Ekuosia (dark grey)
The EkU (green) within Ekuosia (dark grey)
Location Ekuosia
CapitalLetzia Gšons (de facto)
Largest cities Barradiwa Terydnunekuos Veridia Panemi
Official languages Many
Demonym Ekuosian
Type Economic and political union
Membership 22[1]
 -  Chief Executive Officer Barradiwa Gerut Mánísut
 -  Chairman of the Cooperative Board Algazi Union Takam Aramigh
 -  President of the CEPS
 -  Speaker of the Chamber Cerman Váán Qocy
Legislature Council (CEPS)
Cooperative Board
Ekuosian Chamber
 -  Total 16.3 million km2
6.3 million sq mi
 -  2017 estimate 1 billion
 -  Density 60/km2
160/sq mi
Currency Many local currencies, Ekuo (EKU)
Time zone Spans 5 time zones (SCT-1 to SCT+4)
Internet TLD .ek

The Ekuosian Union (EkU) is an economic and political union located in Ekuosia, Northern Baredina. It has an area of approximately 16.3 million km2 (6.3 million sq mi) and an estimated population of 1.2 billion people.





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  1. [Meta] There are currently 18 EkU members, but up to four have not yet been claimed (hence the number given here is 22)