Baredina Desert

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Baredina Desert
* Ekuostian: bustolsaòtem
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Baredina Desert.png
A satellite image of the desert with international borders transposed over it.
Location Algazi Union
Central Ekuosia
 Ebo Nganagam

The Baredina Desert, also called the Ekuosian Desert, is the largest dry desert in the world. It is mostly located in northern Baredina, but its southern reaches also enter Central Baredina.




Large portions of the desert are uninhabited except for nomadic peoples, such as the traditionally-living Adzamasiin. Permanent settlements tend to occur along the Ekuos river and other major river systems, by oases and seasonal springs, or above natural underground aquifers, allowing the irrigation of crops.

Flora and Fauna

The desert is sparsely dotted with vegetation, concentrated near water sources - some of which are hidden underground. Semi-arid areas support a variety of succulent plants. Animals living in the desert are heat-resistant and able to withstand long periods of draught, like dromedaries and oryx. A variety of migratory animals also pass through the desert, including vast clouds of birds.