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The Ekuosian scripts are a family of predominantly alphabetic and alphasyllabic writing systems.


Proto-Ekuosian script = derived from Halarian hieroglyphics ("Halaroglyphics"). Ancient script used to write Staloan possibly Late Halarian.

As time went on, the use of the Proto-Ekuosian script spread, reaching northern Baredina (= Utol, Rosland, Veridia) where it was adopted by speakers of the Letsatian language, as well as further east down the Ekuos river, where it was adopted by Adzamic speakers.

The script developed, splitting into two distinct forms. Eastern-Ekuosian is the form used in the east, parent to the modern Azin script (aka the "Letsic" script, used by Azri, Ekuostian, and Algaz), as well as the Lower Ekuosian scripts (including Adzamic and Neviran scripts) - and possibly others. Western-Ekuosian evolved into the Letsatian script (aka the "Terminian" script), used by the Letsatian Empire. Main script of Terminia, Letzia and probably Veridia/Rosland

List of Ekuosian scripts

Proto-Ekuosian script