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33°43'N 1°53'E
View of downtown Eldin
View of downtown Eldin
Etymology: El-din "old light" (Classical Lithian)
PrefectureEldin Prefecture
Population (2015 estimate)
 • Total5,116,930
Time zoneSahar Coordinated Time (SCT+0)

Eldin (Lithian: [ˈeldɪn]) is a city in Lugida situated at north of the Lithe River estuary. It comprises the northern edge of the Midan metropolitan area, which extends from the capital city Natlia. Its population of around 5 million (according to 2015 estimates) places the city as the 3rd largest in Lugida, only behind Natlia and Rocimet.

One of the oldest cities in Soltenna, Eldin has been permanently settled from as early as around the late 2nd millennium BCE. Letsatian Empire had designated the city as the Altha Province's capital and constructed numerous urban development and infrastructure projects within and around the city, ultimately leading to the city's significant status as the economic and cultural capital of Lugida prior to the Forian Kingdom period. Eldin is popularly considered as the religious capital of Lugida, housing the Logan district – one of the holiest sites in Avism – and home to a number of significant places of worship, such as the highest tier sermet, the Archphitra of Midian. Other notable landmark sites of the city include the Statue of Midian I, University of Eldin, and the Midian Library.

In the 1990s, Eldin enjoyed a rapid economic growth in par with Natlia, being the primary alternative to the increasingly densely populated capital city. Today Eldin houses the second largest metropolitan economy in Lugida. Together with the remainder of the Midan metropolitan area, the city contributes to around an estimated half of Lugida's nominal GDP.









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