Ellsic people

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Levuz (Ellsic)
Lohkn (Fáknir)
Ellsic flag.png
The ten-spoked Ellsic flag
Total population
785,939 (2019)
Regions with significant populations
 Fáknir Republic777,939
 Fals Empire~8,000
Fáknir, Ellsic
Western Eelgledism
Related ethnic groups
Other Vindic peoplesMherdic ethnicities tree.pngClassification of Mherdic ethnicities

Ells (Ellsic: Levuz, Fáknir: Lohkn, Thaaft: Lioog) are a Fals ethnoreligious group considered to be the direct descendants of Eelgledist Boorians that started migrating westward following the Saftian invasion in the 6th century that marked the end of the Boorian Empire. Ells settled in parts of what is currently eastern Fáknirland in large numbers, but have largely assimilated into the Fáknir population over the centuries. Nowadays, ethnic Ells primarily inhabit the hills of Fáknirland. As descendants of Boorians, they are one of the Vindic peoples along with Fáknirs, Finns and Termians. Ells were the first Eelgledists, something they considered a inseparable part of their identity and a distinguishing factor from pre-Eelgledist pagan Boorians. Their name is also indicative of this, deriving from the Boorian Loghi cght, meaning "those with Eel (God)". Ells would play a major role in spreading Eelgledism among the Fals.

Ells speak Fáknir as their first language and Ellsic as a secondary and liturgical language, although a minority of twenty thousand are monolingual in Ellsic.