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The Five Dragons (Karduvic: Hè Dàng) was a group of high ranking military officials during the Karduvic Civil War, and the de facto rulers of the Kingdom of Karduv from 1904-1939. While this group of five was never codified as an official political alliance or as the official leaders of Karduv, the Five Dragons held enormous sway over the politics of Karduv from the years 1904 to 1939. The Five Dragons were composed of Kaurng Kojyu, Myu Ner Jarti, Seng Mozev, Va Bung, and Yaur Urn.

Background and origin

Beliefs and ideology

Broadly speaking, the Five Dragons were Karduvic nationalists who sought to carve out a strong and self-sufficient Karduvic nation. They were particularly concerned with balancing the influences of both Liosol and Qonklaks. They believed too much influence from Liosol would mean the death of Karduvic sovereignty and identity, and that too much Qonklese influence would mean the subjugation and conquest of Karduv. The Dragons differed however, in their view of Karduv’s government post-civil war. Some were staunch monarchists, believing a central monarchic figurehead would lead to an unbreakable National spirit, while others believed that a national strongman needed to oversee an eventual transition to a democratic nation. X

Va Bung

Va Bung believed primarily in the establishment of Karduv as a stable and independent nation with the help of Qonklaks. He believed the outside influence of Liosol on the country would lead to its eventual downfall and subjugation. While he was aware of Qonklese imperial ambitions during the Pangyeoun War, he believed possible Qonklese subjugation was preferable to definitive Alotol subjugation. His ambitions for Karduv did not involve external conquest, but rather internal strengthening. He believed that one national strongman, a "glorious father," would have to lead Karduv to being stable and self-sufficient, before an eventual transition to democracy. Va Bung believed the monarchy only brought internal corruption, as in his home town of X, his father was forced out of every non-military position by deep-rooted corruption and nepotism. X

Karduvic Civil War

Decline and dissolution

Former dragons

As the group was not an official alliance, it was not limited to only 5 members, several other Karduvic generals also held some sway and influence within the groups for certain periods of time. (insert list here)